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With “Foreclosure Market” offering significant deals to Real Estate Buyer(s), Do you know the value of Home Inspection?

Your home, automobiles and education are the biggest purchases a person makes in their life. When looking for that perfect home, it’s important to know what to look for to make a sound decision that will affect your life for years to come. Unlike cars, a home is infinitely more complicated to dispose of if you make the wrong decision. As a home buyer or renter you seek out a property that fits your aesthetics, household needs and price range. Much of a home’s value (and eventually cost to you) rests in how sound the property and its systems are – but to the untrained eye, one will overlook important details that will determine the significance of common issues that may affect your decision to proceed with the purchase.

Home Inspectors are qualified individuals with the training and expertise to help you sort through the maze of issues and provide a qualified report that documents the condition of the property so you the buyer or renter and make an informed responsible decision.

When examining a home for purchase or rent, there are many factors beneath the cosmetics that can affect your decision to either pass or accept in an “AS-IS” condition. A home inspection first and foremost lets you know whether the property is safe to occupy. Once its determined its safe, the inspection then reviews the condition of the home’s structure (foundation, roof, walls, interior and exterior) and systems (electrical, plumbing, air and heating systems) so you can determine the degree of the historical upkeep and the upkeep to come to maintain a livable safe environment for your family. Upkeep can come in the form of anticipated repairs and other work that should be determined up front of the sales or rental contract as to the responsibility of the seller or buyer.

For example, considerations may include: is this an older home that has, over time, been updated with newer materials? Does the property have updated electrical wiring? Is it a newer property built with newer technology and materials, such as Stucco vs. E.F.I.S. Is the property in dry or damp climates; is there evidence of water penetration? If the home is in a dry climate, is there evidence of insect infestation or a risk of fire? Are there any signs of deterioration? Are there visible signs of the foundation deteriorating or settling? How is the roof structure holding up? 

Home inspections by a qualified inspector will answer all of these questions and many more so that the element of risk in your purchase or rental is diminished and your fears and worries have all been addressed for a safe and sound night’s sleep after the transaction is completed.

Serving You with Your Best Interest In Mind.

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