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Buyer be aware!!! 

Read your contract!!! What's cover, Warranty, Are you sure!? It's the right way for repair or replace...?

In October 2012, I was called by the owner (Mr. Li) if he's apartment needed a total of 20 new roof drain installed? at $250.00 each (Total $5,000.00)... Mr. Li was suspicious of the roof drain was not installed... The roofer said the roof job was completed and wants the balance of $17,000.00 paid... 

After I visited the property, the drain that's in the contract was never installed or in my opinion was never needed... 

A $34,000.00 Roof job turns into a nightmare!

Before the new roof contract job. 

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Just days after roofing job completed... Pooling

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Letter to Southwest by Mr. Li's Company Rep.: 

Gino Anthony Long dba Southwest Roofing Company

4125 W. Dewey Drive, Suite A,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
State Contractors License #: 0064952

October 18, 2012

Dear Mr. Long:

This letter is intended to memorialize your defective workmanship and failure to perform the scope of work under the provisions of our contract. Namely, your:

1. Failure to install five (5) new roof drains and downspouts to each of the four (4) buildings comprising Olive Tree Condo Community;

2. Failure to cause a pitch to the roof that would cause rain water to drain from the roof;

3. Failure to adequately seal the seams of the rolled roofing material you applied to the roof; and,

4. Failure to adequately seal the existing roof penetrations.

As you are aware, on or about October 1, 2012, Southwest Roofing Company ceased performing any work to Olive Tree Condo Community. This notwithstanding the fact that the roof had not been tested and you had not installed any of the new roof drains required by the terms of our contract. It was within days thereafter, that nature brought rains to the Las Vegas Valley and those rains evidenced that Southwest Roofing failed to perform the scope of work in a professional and workmanlike manner resulting in substantial flooding and damage to not less than 13 of the second floor rental units as pooling water on the roof leaked through the improperly prepared and installed roofing materials you provided and installed, leaked through the ceilings of the units below.

Attached hereto please find typical photographs taken by Mr. Cavin Fung of F10 Inspections on October 8th depicting approximately two inches (2") of ponding water on the roofs due to your failure to have cause the roof to have a pitch so as to allow the water to drain to the roof downspouts, your failure to clean the existing roof drains and downspouts, failure to install the contractually called for additional downspouts; and, the typical effect thereof, water damage to the units below as water found its way through the defectively sealed seams of the roofing material you sold and installed to the property.

Nevada Contractor Board officer ordered Southwest roofing Co. to repaired the roof...  

This is what happened after a light shower on 01-25-2013 Pictures taken on the 26th

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We'll keep you posted. 04-03-2013

Update: Mr. Lee had to pay for all repair. After all the disappointments... Mr. Lee sold the property and moveed back to California.

Serving You with Your Best Interest In Mind.

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